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AMASSA - Afrique Verte Mali

Afrique Verte has worked in Mali since 1994. In 2005, the association: "AMASSA - Afrique Verte Mali" has been created and its team of Malian employees and team leaders carries out the project.

Like the two other Sahelian branches, Afrique Verte Mali seeks to improve sustainable food security of local inhabitants. Activities are carried out in seven target areas, where Afrique Verte provides assistance to 600 entities dealing with cereals, including small-farmer organizations for cereals, processing units, consumer cooperatives, women's associations and cereal traders.

One of the characteristics of Afrique Verte Mali is that it supports small processing units and consumer cooperatives located in the urban centres (Bamako, Ségou) by promoting a supply of cereals of quality and at non-exploitive costs.

The current activities being carried out are:

  • The training of beneficiaries (OP, UT, consumer cooperatives and women's associations) in order that they can better market their cereal stocks, seeds and processed products; 
  • The cereal markets that are a framework for facilitating trade in cereals between areas of abundance and deficit; 
  • Support for cereal traders , partners of the small-farmer organizations for the sale of excess cereals.
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